The Legacy of Thomas Buergenthal

Thomas Buergenthal und Enkelin Laura in BerlinThomas Buergenthal and granddaughter Laura in Berlin: “Als a child, I liberated Berlin with the Polish Army.” © Peter Petrides

International Nuremberg Principles Academy
Peace Through Justice
The Legacy Of Thomas Buergenthal

A film by Sabine Jainski & Ilona Kalmbach, 45 min.

Premiere 21st October 2018 in Nuremberg, 10 December Den Haag, more screenings to follow soon

The documentary presents the life and legacy of Judge Thomas Buergenthal, Honorary President of the Nuremberg Princinples Academy, 70 years after the adoption of those principles and the Declaration of Human Rights: seeking for accountability without revenge, and promoting human rights worldwide. It also shows the work of the Academy in dealing with Crimes Against Humanity in our times, and training young law professionals. Read more