„Humour and Muslims“ on arte on September 28th

Dreh mit Bassem Youssef in Tunis
Filming with Egyptian Superstar Bassem Youssef in Tunis (he just came from the Emmys)

Our documentary

Humour and muslims

will be shown in arte on September 28th at 21h50 (Germany) and 22h25 (France)! Here is the trailer.

Fear and prejudice often rule when it comes to our muslim neighbours. So we asked: What are they laughing about? And why is there so much pressure on comedians and caricaturists? An investigation into humour in the islamic world, together with my colleagues Frank Eggers and Faruk Hosseini.

With Bassem Youssef, Ahmad Al-Basheer, M.K. Perker, Aydin Engin from Cumhuriyet (Congratulations for the Right Livelihood Award!), Samia Orosemane, Nadia Khiari, Idil Baydar, Abdelkarim, The Refugee Club Berlin and others

Have fun!

Samia Orosemane im Point Virgule, Paris
„Are you afraid?“ Samia Orosemane at Le Point Virgule, Paris